Technolgy mail… All forwarded mails are not garbage

This mail I got from one of my colleague, Kishore. He is working as a TL in our company. Thank him for this, it is really helpful.

Abstract Class A class that does not have objects instantiated from it
Abstraction The identification of the essential characteristics of an item
Aggregation Represents “is part of” or “contains” relationships between two classes or components
Association Objects are related to other objects
Attribute Something that a class knows (data/information)
Cohesion The degree of relatedness of an encapsulated unit (such as a component or a class)
Collaboration Classes work together to fulfill their responsibilities
Composition A strong form of aggregation in which the “whole” is completely responsible for its parts and each “part” object is only associated to the one “whole” object
Concrete class A class that has objects instantiated from it
Coupling The degree of dependence between two items
Encapsulation The grouping of related concepts into one item, such as a class or component
Information Hiding The restriction of external access to attributes
Inheritance Represents “is a”, “is like”, and “is kind of” relationships. When class “B” inherits from class “A” it automatically has all of the attributes and operations that “A” implements (or inherits from other classes)
Multiple Inheritance When a class directly inherits from more than one class
Operation Something a class does
Polymorphism Different objects can respond to the same message in different ways, enable objects to interact with one another without knowing their exact type
Transient object An object that is not saved to permanent storage


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