Dumb me

It was 14th august after noon near about 2:30. I have done with my packing, and above all I haven’t frogot to pack the toothbrush. Everything was going fine, I thaught of calling Arup. Arup, a friend of mine was there with me long 4yrs but that is a different story. The flight was at 8 pm and from koramangala to devanahalli airport journey usually takes 2hrs and more. So I had to start from here by 4:30 or so. When I think everything is fine, something wrong waits for me.

I was speaking with Arup and I started tell him about the flight details. I opened the e-ticket and “Oh shit!!!”, that was my first expression. The flight was at 8 AM. I have missed the flight man.

I started searching a ticket for bangalore bombey.
“Fuck man a single ticket is not available.”
It was Arup who told me to book next day’s ticket. I was so dumb :). I booked a ticket of KF, and it was at 5:35 morning. “Who cares???”


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