Singur masla

I am not from any political party, this article I am writing as a general public. Singur is a national issue now but most of us don’t know what the issue is. The news we see in TV or read in news paper, may not give us the proper knowledge about the root cause of the issue. Likewise the talk about what is happening, not why it is happening. Some news papers say for Mamata (See: whether she is right or wrong, some against her always (e.g. 24 ghanta).

The social issue of Singur is not only industrialization or fertilization; it is a big issue for lower cast farmers, middle cast clerks who dream that their child will do a great job in his life (in Indian society, doing great job means earning good salary).

If we don’t have industrialization what will we get? See the above para, it says that the lower cast farmers, it means that higher fertilization equivalent to more lower casts. Why it happens like this? When they are fertilizing more they should get more right? It is not so simple here boss! The structure given below shows what happens in India,

Farmers produce product.
Farmers –> Sell product to a distributor (get 100 rs).
Distributor –> Sell in market (get 500 rs).
Market value –> 800 rs.
Farmers –> pay the money to Mahazan (it is now 120 rs after interest).

Farmer in 20 rs loss. 😦

Now you can see the land division day by day. One guy has 10 acres land, has 2 children. After him, his children get 5 acres each. Children have 2 children of their own, means again divided by two and so on… So every time the quantity of land per head is decreasing. As we basically don’t have any co-operative kind of thing in India, the production is decreasing.

What can be the solution? The solution is Industrialization. What TATA offering in Singur I think it is more than enough for every people. After the factory we will get more jobs for lower class and also for middle class. What do you say in current time, which country is more developed Malaysia or Russia?

Malaysia also a country dependent on fertilization only, now they have totally changed them and made industries there. They imports food from 3rd world countries.



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