Chat: unpublished rulez

When someone says “hmm“, he/she means that he/she doesn’t want to talk to you right now. Don’t force him/her just wait for the nxt reply. Better you say that you have some work and ping him/her latter.
A girl says hehhe and a guy always say ha ha. One of my friend said that the first one is not from the heart and second one is from the center of heart. Better we argue on this matter latter.
When he/she says that (he he or ha ha), it also implies he/she is not so techsavy. Don’t be so technical with him if him. If her then be as much technical as you can. If she is talented in other side like singing, dancing, paintng bla bla, appriciate her for those/ that…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    If the friend is a true friend then hmm,he he, ha ha doesnot matter.

  2. Abhinaba says:

    But most of the only used me… And some are still using, I know but I am enjoying it.

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