Cheers to me

I am seeing these days fun, imotions, and poemz growing head on head. The thing was not like that. I started the label poemz just last week or so, on the other hand the java, news labels were there from the beginning, and emotions came little latter. So I am thinking I am a better poet, than a programmer. Although I don’t write poems at all, still it depends on the inspiration. Today I have some inspiration, so I am writing poems. Thanks Sona for getting all my talents out of the black box. Also cheers to me, as because this is my 50th post of the year. In 2007 I have posted 7 items and in 2006, 18 items. But still more to go in 2008 and already its 50. If you check clearly most of the topic posted, in or after September, the time when my friendship was growing with Sona. Don’t misunderstand me, artists are like that only. They are all mad about someone.

If there is no one, there wont be any art. So if you love some one, and she already has a boyfriend, still you are not able to forget her, don’t be frustrated, take her away from her boyfriend. Be so close friend to her so that, she starts thinking about you. If you can, then you have a artistic personality, else you are Shahrukh Khan. If you can’t still you can think…


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