Friends Forever

This post devoted to those who own a big area in my heart. I am not going to say it as a list or rank. This is what I came up with, no ranking please…

Arpita: Very friendly and frank… We met in biology tuition when we were in 9 standard.
Rimpa: Cool girl, beautiful but used to hide lots of things.
Aparna: We are not in touch now. Rimpa and she was very good friend.
Paramita: Didn’t know anything other than text book then.
Subhrangshu: Full mad, 6 fit 3 inches and we call him hanuman.
Debu: Very helpful guy. We were in same class from 5th standard but our actual friendship started after 12th.
Joy: Bhai no comments, the best guy I have ever seen.
Vedanta: Crack like me only. Short tempered, but very good by heart.
Utpal: Genious, helped me a lot in math.
Priyanka: My best friend, I miss her so much. I won’t be able
Snigdha: Bajey ekta meye ekta. Selfish, selfcentred, I want to show this to her… 🙂
Payel: Very close friend. Tried hard to reduce my smoking. Thanx for that.
Indu: She is not my friend, she is my sister, still she sends rakhi to me every year.
Sunitha: Damn good girl from my previous company. I respect her lot.
Asha: My unt… 🙂
Vamsi: Very sweet friend.
Srinivasa: A real gentle chap… Apun ka Anna.
Arun: The guy who made our noodle group happening.
Mishra: Ah how can I forget him, but how good friend he is, I will only realize after go far from him.
Vaijesh: No need to say, but good guy and always do argue with me.
Mahi: My inspiration. A totally confused girl, makes me confused too. Hah…
Modi: Thanks for that day, only he knows it.
Preeti: Example of a real good friend.
Pradeep V: He stopped boozing after marriage. 😦


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