A Beautiful Story – Rab ne banadi di jodi

Don’t know if true or not

Once a man married to a city girl and there was a huge age difference between them and they were not what one would call a perfect couple. They were merely stretching their marriage with no real romance in between them. They were two very different people. There was a reality dance show called XYZZZ – which was the main backdrop of their life story. The show was on the lines of popular television show, Dance with me

Apparently girl wanted to take part in the dance competition but she couldn’t because her husband was old and not hip and happening she feared that if she danced with him, she would lose the show and become the laughing stock among all her friends, who were taking part in the same.
Husband overheard his wife’s problem and decided to go in for a makeover. He then watched some movies and changed his image completely and came back to the show and put girl off her feet.

All the way through the dance competition, girl kept falling in love with this new and improved guy, without once realizing that the man she was dancing with was her real husband. The reality show xYZZZ is nothing but “Rab ne banadi di jodi” with girl (Anushka Sharma).. n its story behind the movie…Cheers!


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