Kailashe Kelenkari: worst Feluda film ever

First of all I bought the VCD, paying 149 bucks. The same time I compared the DVD and the VCD version by reading the inlay card. When I saw that this is not a digital Dolby sound movie I thought of going with the VCD. But from the end title I came to know that the movie comes with Digital Dolby. I know Big Home Video is a new company but still as it is of Reliance so we expect some professionalism from them. But actually after watching the movie I thought that paying 299 for a DVD would be a foolish thing for this kinda movie.

Now the first thing I watched was the promos, available in the VCD. The promos are not better than a power point presentation made by a novice (or a group of). After watching “Bombai er Bombetey”, I was expecting more fresh and clean movie. Yep the producer is different here Innovative Multimedia, where the previous one was produced by Ramoji Rao. Now coming to the title, the BIG RED “kailashe Kelenkari” was so hazy that I was thinking of some 1980 bollywood movie. The title card might be made by some unprofessional folks. The font is very common, and I think I can make better title than that with Windows Movie Maker.

The camera, I don’t have much experience about the camera, but I have good eye to watch. The picture was so bad for eye. Low light always, even in the morning shots. Worst use of camera I have seen in the movie “Amra”, they used some kinda handy cam there. Still the picture quality of Amra is 200% better than “kailash…”.

Coming to the story, there is nothing to tell in the story by Feluda, no suspense. Everybody knows everything. Only suspense was in Mr. Mullick’s character. Here too Feluda uses agneyastra (revolver), more than his magojashtra (The brain), and actually that is not the Feluda type. I thing Mr. Sandip Roy made a typecast of Feluda after “Bombai…”. The Jatyau is here just for comic, not comic for varami. He is overacting all the way in the movie and sometimes I got confused that I am watching a movie or jatra. Topshe is looking older; I think Mr. Roy should go for a new Topshe now. But acting of Sabyasachi is always good. Good to watch Dipankar Dey as Chattaraj. And about the location, there were many to show, but Director didn’t even try to show us.

At the end I would say, it is not working dude, our expectation became higher after “Bombaier Bombetey”. So, better luck next time to you and to us too…


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