Review: Rab Ne Banadi Jodi

Ok now time came when I write a review for RNBDJ. Last Saturday I went to watch the movie with my friends and lots of hope. It was in INOX, Jayanagar morning show, thanks that the ticket costs only 100 bucks.

From my last comment only I think you came to know what my opinion about the movie is. The movie tells story of a simple guy (or bore guy in GenX language) who falls in love with a jolly girl. Nature wise they are totally opposite. Due to some bad circumstances the girl marries the boy, but she doesn’t love him. Now as the guy loves the girl, he wants to create feelings for him in the girl’s mind. So the guy makes over himself and comes up with a cool cas look and the girl falls for the new guy. For the ending you have to book a ticket but if you have watched other yashraj films, then actually you can guess the end. I did it correctly, you can ask my friends.

From my view the film is bullshit. The reasons and the faults are given below,

1. The guy changes his look, but his wife does not able to recognize him, not happening.
2. Shahrukh is not in home for last two days, still he gets bunch of fresh roses there.
3. The machine is different in two different angles.
4. Shahrukh wires t shirts of same style, only colors get changed.
5. Same jeans everyday.
6. One can change his look, but how he changes his attitude, don’t know.
7. The story is so similar to Satyam Shivam Sundaram (Sashi Kapur, Zinat Aman) and AAG (Raj Kapur).

Here are the list of similarities of RNBDJ and SSS,
1. Sashi marries Zinat, but doesn’t love her. Anushka marries Shahrukh but doesn’t love him.
2. Zinat does a makeover and have an extramarital (?) affair with Sashi. Shahruk does a make over and have an extramarital (?) affair with Anushka.
3. Sashi got fade up with Zinat and plans to leave her. Anushka got fade up with Shahrukh and plans to leave him.
4. And all’s well that ends well…

Ha ha what a coincidence after 40 years…


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