Review: Dil Kabaddi Serious story in Comedy wrapper

Sharing acting honours with Irrfan is Rahul Bose who’s in his element after a long, long time. The actor sheds all his pretensions and comes across as a complete natural. After all he is the original multiplex star and such a film is his comfort zone. Even though Irrfan gets the best lines Rahul manages to hold his own.

Soha Ali Khan looks pretty and has a confident screen presence. But sadly Konkona’s expressions and dialogue delivery are becoming as predictable as yesterday’s news. Rahul Khanna doesn’t have much to do and looks stiff in comparison to the other performers. Payal Rohatgi screeches through her part. Wish her character of a bimbette was mute as well.

But when you don’t have too much of a plot to begin with, you can only take a film this far. Somewhere in the second half the situations become repetitive and jokes fall flat. Also the entire Rahul Khanna track drags, looking like an attempt to give the actor some respectable footage.

Luckily Dil Kabaddi never takes it self too seriously and the director maintains a lighthearted tone throughout. So we are spared of melodramatic, judgemental speeches about right and wrong. Which is why you are willing to overlook its flaws, as the films does manage to bring a smile on your face for most of its running time.


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