Good Bye 2008

Time to say Good Bye to 2008. If I look back, I find lots of things what I got from 2008. This is the year, which didn’t take anything from me but had given lots of things. This year I met a beautiful girl on whom I had a crush since 2007, and I really enjoyed spending time with her. But don’t think much she is very good friend of mine that’s all. No not only that, she is my inspiration.
This year I discovered the photographer inside me. I started taking photos like anything. After 3 long years I enjoyed life so much with my friends. Actually after college I became a bored person, but this year I reinvented myself, the same jolly Abhinaba.
After 3 long years I started poetry again. And you don’t believe that many romantic poems are there.
I became mature to forget past unsuccessful relationship and started to see the front side of the life.
Spent lots time with my friends, started painting too.
Again started participating in events.
Explored Karnataka, Mumbai, and Kerala.
Started my own domain.
Changed my look too, the boy next door look got changed, became choosy about shoes, brands and colors.

This year’s resolution:

3 things I want to do this year:

1. Spend Diwali with her: Ok last year she was there but just for few hrs. I helped her in last Diwali to decorate her home, had special kheer made by her but, the kheer was for some one else. So next year I want her to spend 90% time with me, and share the kheer also with me or else whoever will be there but I dont want to test (the taste) the kheer made for someone else.

2. Spend 31st night with her: This year’s 31st night was good, but she was not there with me, she was with some one else. Next year I will spend 31st night with her.

3. Buy a Car: Spending a night with girl needs a car other wise it would be very risky. So need to buy a Car.


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