Billu Barber: Plot, Cast and the Origin


The story is set in today’s day and age. Billu (Irrfan Khan) plays a village barber. His business is running low because he has not been able to upgrade himself according to the changing trends. One fine day, a film unit visits his village to shoot a movie. It stars a superstar, Sahir Khan (Shahrukh Khan), who Billu claims to have been friends with. All at once, Billu’s status in the village changes, and he becomes highly respected. Everyone wants him to meet the superstar through Billu. But Billu is unsure, as he feels he cannot compare to the superstar’s status. Besides, he fears that the star may not recognize him. He makes many attempts to meet the star but fails. After all these hardships, he gives up. The villages believe he lied about the relationship with the star and insult him. His family and children also get upset and badmouth him. In a twist towards the end, the true extent of the friendship Billu and the superstar is revealed.


* The film was first made into Malayalam as Kadha Parayumbol starring Srinivasan, Meena, and Mammotty.
* The film was again remade into Tamil as Kuselan starring Rajnikant, Pasupathy, and Nayantara.
* Kuselan was simultaneously made into Telugu as Kathanayakudu starring Rajnikant, Jagapathi Babu takes over for pasupathy in the telugu version as the barber and it also stars Nayantara in the same role again.


* Irrfan Khan … Billu
* Shahrukh Khan … Sahir Khan extended cameo
* Lara Dutta … Billu’s Wife
* Rajpal Yadav
* Om Puri
* Asrani

Special appearances

* Kareena Kapoor … special appearance in Marjaani
* Priyanka Chopra … special appearance in You Get Me Rockin & Reeling
* Deepika Padukone … special appearance in Love Mera Hit Hit


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