How many of us have non veg in Nandini?

A forwarded but important mail…

Hi guys,
How many of us eat at Nadhini restaurants? Many? And how many of us
know it and trust it? Many of us, I think. So I think the email I got
from my friend Sandip is going to be something of a shocker.

“I found this in his home delivered chicken biriyani yesterday. I held
it in my hand, and almost put it in my mouth cos it was well cooked and
resembled a chicken piece 🙂 and then I just yelled my guts out !
Biriyani from Nandhini Palace / Nandhana Palace (domlur branch),
Bangalore. Sorry if you’re grossed out, but had to let you know.”

What is even more disgusting perhaps is that as an apology, the
Nandhini guys sent over a basket of fruit and a 2009 diary. My friend
wants to press charges and take this to the newspapers but the
restaurant guys are begging and pleading with him not to. What’s more
there is the fear that these are powerful guys who can hurt him or
maybe even kill him if he tarnishes their reputation.

The Health Ministry will not act so as citizens, we must at least raise
awareness and not let this be hushed up. Please forward this email to
whomever you can to let them know. Please be careful when eating out
and if the picture isn’t enough to dissuade you from eating at Nandhini,
I don’t know what will.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this real??????

  2. Abhinaba says:

    If u don’t give your info how can I reply u. FYI, this is a mail I got from my friend. That’s why the level is “Forwarded”.

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