India stands 115th in internet speed

India’s poor internet connectivity makes the country stand at 115th position in terms of speed, among 223 nations. As per a report, India’s average internet connection speed stands low at 772 Kbps compared to the global average of 1.5 Mbps.

The country ranks 93rd in terms of broadband adoption globally with 3.74 percent connections at speed over 2 Mbps and 55th for the adoption of narrowband adoption at speeds below 256 Kbps. In terms of broadband penetration, India had 0.0001 broadband IPs per capita. Meanwhile, on another parameter called attack traffic – a measure of rogue activity on the Internet, such as DNS attacks, bots, spam activity and hackers, India ranked 17th globally.

The findings are based on the ‘State of the Internet’ report released by Akamai, which also pinpoints that approximately 19 percent internet connections around the world were at high broadband with speeds greater than 5 Mbps. The report features South Africa on the top with the country witnessing the highest percentage of connections on high broadband. Even in the in the prior quarter South Korea, Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway stood with high broadband IPs per capita though comparatively less than the present.

source: Silicon India.


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