How to flirt with a gal

Flirt a gal

  1. First and foremost, listen more than you talk. This doesn’t mean sit there like a dud, but ask a question, wait until she is completely done talking then agree with her.
  2. Now then, start up a conversation with her. Speak with confidence and flow, but do not attempt extreme images such as macho, super-smooth, cool dude, comedian, pick-up artist, witty conversationalist, or having a profession that you do not have.
  3. You can pretend the confidence at first. It will come more naturally when she responds to you.
  4. Don’t overwhelm her with compliments. You should focus on going from “nice acquaintance” to “intimate friend/potential lover” smoothly. Intimate friends joke around, tease each other gently, touch each other. Start with touching her on the arm when you’re laughing (don’t watch the hand). See if she touches you.
  5. Throw in some jokes. Humor can relieve awkwardness. Alternatively, just learn to be witty. Almost all girls like intelligence as well as confidence.
  6. Show that you’re secure with yourself and when you say something that you stick to your word.
  7. If you say something weird, follow it up with something funny and turn it into a joke.
  8. Sit close to her but don’t breathe down her neck. Two chairs side-by-side are all that are needed. You might also be able to sit behind her and at times hit her hair a time or two. She’ll turn around if she feels you, then make a joke that she finds humorous.
  9. If she has a scarf on that you think it’s nice, tell her, and touch her scarf for a few seconds, and ask when and where she got it
  10. Find something that you both think is hilarious. Turn it into an inside joke, so when you want to talk to her, you have something to say no matter what, and she thinks that something is funny. However, don’t use it too much, otherwise it loses its humor and her opinion of your humor is lowered.
  11. Don’t always be eager to start conversation with her. If she walks into class, you do not have to jump up and say “Hi!!” immediately, but if she sits next to you and initiates conversation, go for it!
  12. Be the man! Girls hate it when they have to start the conversation or take the lead (Let her talk too though! Remember, listening is just as important!). You CAN go and sit next to her/talk to her, if she likes you she will not mind (she’ll love it!).
  13. Keep jumping from one topic to another while talking.
  14. Tell her some short wise and wonderful story if there is a long pause in the middle of your talks.
  15. Remember pretty girls seem alone, strange as it may seem, since just about every boy is just as nervous about talking to them as you are, some very pretty girls have NEVER been flirted with or have had a boyfriend so dont scare her off! Sometimes these super popular girls are even lonely because they feel they have all these friends and no one wants to go out with her. So become her friend first and then move on to the flirting (don’t stay her friend too long though; she may worry a relationship may ruin a friendship) this way you will not scare her off.
  16. Find out her interests, and music she likes. Then talk to her about them. If you can’t think of anything to talk about, use a conversation starter like “How has your day been?” or “Don’t you love this time of year?”. These most usually only work if you are already friends with her, and you see her on a daily basis. If you do see her on a daily basis and she mentions, for example, a vacation she is going on soon inquire where she is going branch off from there, and when she gets back ask her how it was. Don’t be extremely serious in your inquiry, just ask it casually.
  17. Don’t let her get the wrong idea that you’re just an annoying pest.
  18. DON’T flirt with two girls at once. It will make her confused and stop liking you.
  19. Don’t trap her in a corner so you can talk to her( trust me it creeps girls out)
  20. be funny…most girls agree that if a guy has a sense of humor it’s attractive.
  21. Tease her, sure. But not about things she cares about, like saving the trees. Don’t rip up paper to get laughs. She’ll just end up hating your guts.
  22. (Tip from a Girl) Most girls want you to make the first move…and most girls like when you make her laugh
  23. (tip from a girl) Some girls get confused when you metion something about you liking them and then you take it back and it happens all year. Go for the girl! She might like on you on the inside and she’s playing hard to get. Never tell anyone else you have a crush on the girl even if it’s your best friend. Secrets leak out eventually.

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  1. ketan says:

    point no 23 is universal point and witnessed especially in indian schools and colleges. It made me laugh like anything 🙂

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