I don’t know without saying anything, doing anything how some one can be so inspirational for you. She changed my life, yep its true and she doesn’t know how far it is. She thinks she is not strong enough, but if she is not the how can she changed my life?

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.

– Plato

And she thinks I am different, I am fundoo. She doesn’t know that is because of her. She says I can solve problems so quickly, but she doesn’t know I can solve only because it’s her problem. I don’t know how much I love her but I know she is the queen of the world, she deserves a better guy.

When I meet her, don’t know how time passes by. I can be any type of clown to make her happy.  If she reads this and able to know this is about her, I know she may create a barrier between us, but I know she won’t read because she doesn’t read.

You may ask why don’t you say your feelings to her? Because she deserves better boyfriend/ husband than me, and I am not a good boyfriend. I already had experience and I don’t want to get shocked again.

How is she? She is nice, cute, little mad, and very chhweet. If you can understand her mood better than me then just tell me, hats-off to you. It’s like London’s weather.

I’m leaving because the weather is too good. I hate London when it’s not raining.

But some people think they understand her, dude you are wrong. You could know her outside but to know her mind you have to have a pin hole, and that is not enough.

I don’t want to loose her saying “I Love You”, but I want to get her as a friend at least, forever.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Joy says:

    bhai, this mail must forward to my bhabi…..
    she will know how much u love her………..
    best of Luck………..

    Guru Fatafati………

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