Happy Breakup

Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened!

We can see the Indians are growing up, the Bollywood is growing up, the industry is growing up. This I start after listening the song Chor Bazari from Love Aaj Kal. I just shocked after listening it. One couple enjoying their break up, wow! I was thinking it is another milestone in Indian Film Industry as I never heard this kind of song and hats off to the guy who thought about it. But suddenly I thought that it is not one day change.

I was searching in my memory for the line of change and I got that. Remember the Move On ad of FastTrack? And this is the today’s generation or what you say geNext.

Still I feel some people believe in true love. They fear about break up, they feel sad thinking about it, not noticing someone sitting in-front of him/her thinking about him/her, may be that is his/her true love he/she is searching for. The main reason of breakup I feel is fantasy, sometimes for free space, sometimes for public attention in all the cases more than average and less than average cause break up or sad life. Self satisfaction is one of the reason, not want to compromise or someone compromising more than what need to do.

Most people feel sad about their breakups because no one wants to be alone. There is only one medicine I can prescribe is another relation, but don’t go fast, just sake of a relationship. I would suggest open your eyes, you will find someone who can do anything for you. If you don’t want to pretend and ask, don’t do just be with him or her, one day he/she will tell you. You have given yourself enough chances and nothing working, now give chance to someone else.

Move On and Happy Break Up…


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  1. Joy says:

    inspired by whom? P—-, p——-, k—–,?

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