What’s your Rashee?

tarausI got a forwarded mail yesterday subjected “Women and Sun-sign”, stated different kind of girls of different signs. Actually I don’t believe these bull shits at all still I started searching something on guys too. Don’t get me wrong it is just to see my sign characteristics are matching with my own or not. See the below whatever I am going to write is not my word at all I can say I just composed all.

Who smiles through life – except when crossed?
Who knows, or thinks he knows the most?
Who loves good things: baked, boiled or roasted? Oh, Taurus!

One of the mottos of Taurus is “Take care of the senses and everything else will take care of itself”. The outlook on life of this sun sign is very practical and sensible.

A Taurean is a loving and nurturing person. The keywords that best describe the personality of Taurus are luxury, comfort, sensibility, sensitivity, stability, loyalty and security.

A Taurus man would make a good husband and a father. His is good-tempered and rarely loses his temper; this is one of his finest qualities. In brief, a Taurus man is very much family-oriented and leads a successful personal life.

A Taurean woman is stylish and well-groomed. She is practical and money-conscious by nature. At times, she can be stubborn too. A Taurean woman has the ability to strike a balance between her family life and career. She is a sensible person who understands the feelings and emotions of people around her.

A few positive traits of Taurus are persistence, reliability, determination, trustworthiness, and affection. The negative traits are stubbornness, possessiveness, jealousness and greediness.

A Taurean likes good food, permanency, and all the comforts life can offer. He hates to break his routine or being rushed.

As a friend, a Taurean is very trustworthy and loyal. He would respect his friends. Basically a Taurean gets along with a person who shares his interests and tastes.

A Taurean is a good team player. Any employer would love to have a Taurean in his organization because an individual of this sun sign is hard-working and would never complain about his work. He is even ready to stay back if necessary. A person belonging to this star sign dislikes job-hopping.

It’s perfectly true that the bull isn’t a wild dreamer like the Aquarian male. Taurus will never sweep you off your feet like a Leo, or promise to take you floating away to live with him in a fairy castle, drifting on pink clouds forever and a day, like an Aries. He’s more likely to drop by on foot some Saturday night, with the architect’s blueprints for the house he plans to build for you, out of real lumber and with real cash.

A Taurus man is not only calm and quiet, but also humble and practical person. A Taurean man is not the one to fall in love at “first sight”. He would take some time to decide when it comes to deciding his life partner. He prefers to take one step at a time. Once he decides on his heartthrob, he would go out of his way to win her love. A Taurus man would send flowers and also write love poems for his loved one. He is the epitome of cleanliness. He does not come back to a disorganized home.

A Taurus man would make you feel secure and he does not believe in taking chances. He would prefer a wife who is ladylike than a tomboyish wife. A Taurean man would not like to be dominated. He enjoys nature and beauty. As a father, he is a tender and loving person.

Before ending I should mention some famous Taurus personalities.

Adolf Hitler
Al Pacino
Andre Agassi
Audrey Hepburn
Barbra Streisand
Bertrand Russell
David Beckham
Duke Ellington
Enrique Iglesias
Ella Fitzgerald
Fred Astaire
Florence Nightingale
Gary Cooper
Harry S. Truman
Janet Jackson
Johannes Brahms
Catherine Kate Smith
Lionel Barrymore
Oliver Cromwell
Omar Khayyam
Orson Welles
Pierce Brosnan
Queen Elizabeth
Sachin Tendulkar
Saddam Hussein
Shirley Temple
Sigmund Freud
Stephen A. Douglas
Tony Blair
William Shakespeare
Yehudi Menuhin
Zubin Mehta

See more.


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