Difference between a boyfriend and a male friend to a girl

In most cases, women’s male friends are really just like boyfriends; she’ll call to bend your ear when she’s been hurt by her boyfriend, she’ll call you to fix her car or if she needs a ride somewhere, she’ll borrow money – in short she’ll treat you just like a boyfriend – all without the sex!


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  1. The biggest problem w/ the male friend is this: once one of you gets married, the spouse involved doesn’t trust that you were always just friends. That causes the friendship to sour. It’s a bummer. I’ve had some great male friends over the years, but my husband doesn’t like me chatting w/ them and their wives don’t like it either. Why? If only the spouses could see inside our brains; I think they’d find there’s nothing to fear, nothing to be jealous of.

    1. Abhinaba Basu says:

      Great point Mechelle but its all about time. Your spouse should not think that you are not giving her/him enough time. Just think if your hubby has many girl-friends and he is always on phone with them, how would you feel?

  2. Touche.

  3. Pinky says:

    Its not always like the way you have pointed the issue .I consider male friends
    and male friendship to be more stronger then female friends,as they can be of help
    any hour of the day.In case of a female friend,it becomes difficult sometime,when the other female friend needs help at a odd hour of the day to help the other one in need.But I believe between male friendship and female friendship there isnt much of a difference.

  4. Sierra says:

    Hey im sorry but i need to disagree.

    Females are there for the gab sessions because the interests are more similar, but boys arent. i feel like in both male and female friendship the friend will be there to help out. But boys feel the need to protect females which is y it seems like they are more readily available there (the night in shining armor bit). Girls on the other hand also feel the need to help, but in a more maternal way (the listening and comforting bit).

    now in the case of a boy being a best friend i feel like there is only so close a boy and a girl can get before they either reach a point where one falls for the other, they dont want to share their friend, or they just think to themselves “hey we already spend all our time together, y not just date?”. Now while this may not end in a relationship, it is just natural for someone to experience falling for the other one, even if its only for a little bit.

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