Lonely Afternoon

Lonely Afternoon, originally uploaded by abhinabab.

Taken @ Park Street, Kolkata.

During the halcyon days of the 70’s and 80’s, Kolkata night life more or less meant an evening at Park Street. Many noted musicians had played at popular night spots like Trinca’s, Blue Fox, Mocambo and Moulin Rouge. Even before that, in the 40s, 50s and 60s Kolkata had a reputation of having the most prolific night life with Park Street as its centerpiece rocking with exclusive live music, dance and cabaret.

Park Street remains Kolkata’s foremost dining district with noted restaurants and pubs such as Trinca’s, Mocambo, McDonalds, KFC, Peter Cat, Flury’s, Bar B Q, Oasis, Olympia, Moulin Rouge and many others. Celebrity restaurants like Indian Cricket icon Saurav Ganguly’s signature restaurant-Saurav’s- The Food Pavilion is a top draw. Then there is the Park Hotel, Kolkata, famous for its in-house restaurants and night club, Tantra. Kolkata’s nightlife revolves around Park Street’s nightclubs, pubs and coffee houses. Also there are landmark coffee shops like The Atrium and Barista’s. It is often known by names like “Food Street” and “The Street that Never Sleeps”.

This road runs from Chowringhee Road in the west to Park Circus in the east. The portion of Park Street between Chowringhee Road and Mullick Bazar has been the one of the city’s main attractions for years. It connects directly to Park Circus on the east from where other major roads such as Old ballygunge Road/Sayed Amir Ali Avenue/Gariahat Road starts and connects to important areas such as Ballygunge of south Kolkata.

Park Centre offers a wide variety of apparel, especially ladies’ garments, cosmetics and electronic gadgets.

Park Street has several notable buildings such as the Asiatic Society, St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, a Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the South Park Street Cemetery has cenotaphs and tombs of prominent figures from the British Raj era and Kolkata’s Armenian population. Park Street remains the recreation zone for Kolkata people since the British era. A visit to Kolkata is deemed incomplete without a visit. However, in last 20 years, many restaurants, 5-star hotels and nightclubs have cropped up all over Kolkata. As a result, Park Street has lost much of its earlier attraction. In spite of this, following tradition, Park Street is decorated with lights on Christmas Day. It also houses several Saree stores where you can buy exclusive Sarees.


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