If Human have Breeding Season

The breeding season is the most suitable season, usually with favorable conditions and abundant food and water, for breeding among some wild animals and birds. Species with a breeding season have naturally evolved to have sexual intercourse during a certain time of year in order to achieve the best reproductive success. Different species of wild animal and birds have different breeding seasons according to their particular requirements and food availability etc.

But we don’t have. Human also is an animal and if they have breeding season what would happen? Just Imagine.

What animal do is food for existence and exist for food. Sex is not a very romantic thing to them; it is just a way of reproduction. People work for food, but when we get more than what we need we start spending money for other things like fashion, hobbies etc. Today I see 99% people of my age is frustrated (whether girl or boy) because he/she is still virgin (talking about India). Situation wouldn’t be like this in that case.

–    No romance, no drama

Your eyes would have changed. How you see a gal/guy would have change. You always think about the food, not for your other pleasure. No dramatic situation, no love stories, no Romio-Juliet. What about Yash Chopra? Public will see his movie only for 2-3 months. Even shooting is a problem; Sharukh Khan can give expression only in those months. So the film you are shooting this year’s breeding season needs to be released in next year’s breeding season.

–    No family, no sas-bahu soap opera

Why do you need family, when you have only two months of SEX, who wants other burdens? So there is no Sas-Bahu nakhda, no mega. Think about Ekta Kapoor, she will be job less.

–    No fashion industry, no gym, no rona dhona

When you are not thinking about SEX, then why to watch bikini girls on ramp? They will be jobless and what about fashion designers and fashion photographers? Think they will click apple, mango photos, may be in bikinis also. Why we need to impress some one? We will get one in that time, no body will think all the year about SEX. So no need to go to gym, no need to fly to Noida from Bangalore to meet someone.


Where did HIV [Human Immunodeficiency Virus] come from? Both of the AIDS viruses, HIV-1 and HIV-2, originated in Africa… As is often the case with microbes, a jump from one species to another is probably to blame… chimpanzees (for HIV-1) and sooty mangabeys (for HIV-2)… When did the AIDS epidemic begin?… the Big Bang seems to have occurred around, or just after, the Second World War. Emerging microbial infections often result from adaption to changing ecological niches and habitats.

AIDS actually a disease came from chimpanzees. I don’t know who was the guy who had SEX with chimpanzee, but it was only for pleasure not for reproduction. So situation is like you will have SEX only for reproduction, then this couldn’t have happen.

– No GAY, Lesbians

Those have SEX for pleasure too, no reproduction need gay or homo sexuality. So on that scenario the gay sex think couldn’t be there.

–    No love/crush @ first sight

One girl is singing on the stage, and a guy is flat hearing that. He doesn’t know her, but he loves her music. He doesn’t know her name, so he gives her a nick name. The guy does many things to meet the girl, does many things to know her and after all they are friends, very good and close friends and then he came to know that she loves some one else. What a tragic but romantic story- bull shit, nothing would have happen if there is breeding season.

– Readers if you have many more things to suggest, please drop a comment.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Shrabani says:

    Phod dia Mr. Charles Darwin ne……This is gonna be abhinaba’s law of erractic comedy of emotions.abhishek kaku ke petaate hobe.all becoz of t=his stored procedure

  2. pinky says:

    its nice LOL 😀

  3. Joy says:

    Bhai eta ki likhechis re…………. jibon er sob answer ami peye gachi.
    r last para !!!!! its really unique.
    its really true in everyone’s life.
    r suggestion !!! tor dorkar nei. ja diyechis r er theke kichu better hoy bole mone hoy na…… its best…. unique….. chaliye ja…..eta na porle kichu miss kortam..
    bindas yaar….

  4. indrani says:

    fatafati!!! really amazing concept !!! satti manush jodi erakam kore bhabto gota dunia tai bodle jeto re !!! ke bolte pare ?? 2012 te prithibi jodi satti dhangso hoye jai natun prithibi te manush haito ebhabei bhabte suru korbe ?? takhon itihaas tokeo mone rekhe debe !!! ki byapokkk bolto !!!

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