Maahi – Chapter one

Chapter One
In the train from Howrah to Yashavantpura.

It is very difficult now days to get a proper seat, whatever it is AC or not. I have a journey of long 36 hours and I got the RAC seat, I call it Jab We Met seat. If the guy next to me is some budha, then I am gone, I have to sleep the whole 36 hours.

Here comes my number 36. What a coincidence 36 hours on the seat number 36! As I thought in seat number 37 there is middle age bald guy, with whom I don’t want to talk. A deep sleep is waiting for me.

–    Hi, Mr Akash. I am just shocked hearing my name in his mouth.
–    Hello, but I don’t think I know you.
–    You are absolutely correct. We don’t know each other; we are meeting for the first time I guess.
–    What the fuck, then how do you know my name?
–    I have checked the passenger’s list.

Damn it. I have to spend 36 hrs with this idiot.
–    So as I know your name, you might be interested about me too – stranger said.
I shrugged, who wants to know about this bloody fucker but I know he is going to tell me anyway.
– My name can be anything but for the time being you can call me Vivek.
– As in?
– Slow friend slow, I will let you know the story. Actually I am thinking that we can play a game, game is like you will tell me your story then I will tell you my story.
Who wants to discuss personal with this Vivek or whoever? But I was really upset today, so I thought OK we can give a chance.
–    So I think I can guess something about you.
–    Obviously, tell me.
–    You are very upset today.
–    Yes I am.
–    Anything personal?
–    Yeah lil but I can tell you, you are a Stranger. Sometimes it is easy to say personal things to Strangers.
–    Yeah that’s true. So …
–    So, today is her wedding.
–    Whose? Your girlfriend’s?
–    No, not girlfriend, a friend.
–    Whom you love, and she doesn’t right?
–    Yeah, true.
–    So u r from Calcutta and leaving, so that you don’t have to attend?
–    No, I am from Bangalore. I just came here for her call.
–    I didn’t get it, for a call means what?
–    Ok…
I took a little pause.
– I thought of eloping her but she didn’t call.
– I didn’t get you still.
– Then you have to listen the whole story.
– Ok carry on.

The train whistles and its starts for its destination.

Next chapter…


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