Maahi- Chapter 2

Aztecsoft Vibes: 2007

Last three months were very hectic for me as I had a break up and I was unable to forget her, Kanika. It is Vibes day today, and everybody in office is happy about that. I was having lunch with my group Pradeep and Srinivas and discussing about that the all other guys will be coming for the Vibes and we are going to meet them. Pradeep loves a girl Prativa, she is also coming. I am ready with my newly bought digi-cam. Pradeep told us we can start at 2’o clock and reach there by 2:30 at the place. I am not at all interested in Vibes, but I am interested in meeting old mates and noodle group.

But as usual 2:30 we started and then my favourite jam in Hosur Road, so we reached there at around 3:30. The program has already begun. I don’t have any wish to go inside the hall; I lit a cigarette and started enjoying it.

–    Hey Benny. – This one is for me. My name is Akash Bannerjee and my friends call me Benny.
–    Hey Geeta long time, how are you?
–    I am fine man. So how r you doing in Archway? Making some big if else?
–    Ha ha, not really. I am now concentrating on the security side.
–    Oh! That’s cool. You are going to be a hacker or something.
–    Hey I am working on security doesn’t mean I can hack. Hacking is totally different think all total, see…
–    Please bandh karo apna pravachan, we are here to enjoy.
–    Hey guys, wassup? – Asha joins us.
–    Hi Asha, this guy started again with his technical stuff.
–    Hey, he is a geek.
–    I know, I know, you are biased.
–    I am not biased…

Hey I am so lucky, two girls discussing about me, and this girl Asha thinks I am the new generation Einstein. But I am feeling bored, I need to go home.

–    Hey nice song, who is singing that?
–    Yeah, really nice. Chalo lets go, Benny are you coming?
–    No, you people go.

I am speechless, I am speechless, I am speechless, don’t get bored readers, my thinking machine stops working. What a voice and I don’t know what other things are there, I want to see her alone, I don’t want any disturbance. I slowly started moving toward the hall. The song is coming closer and closer, my heart beat is increasing higher and higher.

The hall is full of audiences; they are shouting and whistling like anything. A girl is on the stage. Her legs created a pyramid structure. She is in a blue top and a jeans, may be denim colour, the colours and all are not recognizable from this distance, and also light is very low and coloured on the stage, so I don’t know she is fair or dark but yes she has some thing, she is some thing, but who is she?

–    Hey Benny, what are you doing? Come dance with us… Pradeep is shouting from front row.
–    Just shut up.
–    Oh maal dekh raha hai?
–    Shut up yaar!
–    What happened?
–    Nothing. I am not watching, just listening.
–    So the song is good right?
–    Don’t know but the singer is.
–    Benny, are you in love?
–    I don’t know. It can be love or crush; I have to find it out.
–    Chup Sale! You and your philosophy!
–    What’s her name?
–    Who knows! Coming for a sutta?
–    Chal…
–    But she is a maal.
–    I don’t know but yeah, what is her name?
–    How did I know?
–    Maahiya…
–    What? How do you know?
–    The song she was singing Mahiya… Let her call in that name only.
–    Wah re wah… Carry on.

We reached the tea stall, Pradeep ordered for tea and cigarette.

To be continued.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Sayantan says:

    hmmm … good one ….
    keep it up …wen is d next chapter comin ?
    one observation : u changed d name of ur character but not of others !!

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