The most masaaledaar incident of my life: The day I got robbed

August 15th 2009

I was at Sweet Chariot, Koramangala. This is a famous cake shop in the city. I was there to buy a cake for Mahi, day after was her birthday. Mahi is a friend of mine, actually very close friend of mine. It was already 10 PM and I was in a hurry as I don’t have any vehicle and I have to go to Ejipura, that is a big distance, more than 3 KM. I got the cake at 10:15 night. Actually I wanted to spend that night with Mahi only, but what to do, she already had a date. I started walking towards my place thinking those things.

15th August night 10:25

While walking I was thinking, what I am going to do special for her tomorrow. I called up Indrani and started talking to her. In my right hand it was the cake and my left hand was busy holding the mobile. Now I was in the lane between 80ft road and the Koramangala club.

Suddenly I felt something in my neck, something may be crispy. Before understanding something I found some five people have covered me, and one guy already taken my lovely HTC Touch. I don’t know what to do the guy who was holding me and was just saying “Maa ch** dunga”.

Three guys left with the mobile and two more guys are still there. Then I realized it is a robbery. The other guy who was not holding me tried to get the cake bag from me. I don’t know what happened I suddenly, with my full josh punched him at his nose, it was bleeding, not his nose but my hand, I punched on his teeth, bull shit. I don’t know what happened then, the guys started running and the second guy also followed him.

I was not sad; I pat myself for fighting for the cake. And suddenly I started laughing, what the hell I did dear, I didn’t fight for the mobile which costs twenty thousand, but I fought for the cake, I bought for Mahi’s birthday, why?

I thanked those robbers for putting me in that situation, and what they did to me is they made me realize what I love, and who my priority is.

Oh Mahi please! Don’t say that, it was the cake.


A real story,  I put it here to participate in the blogger competition. The details about the competition is given below,

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5 Comments Add yours

  1. ketan says:

    Good one, but feel sorry for your mobile….

  2. Joy B says:

    Fatafati…….. REal Time xperiance……………….
    but ami tor jaygay thakle hoyto sob diye ditam,,,,,,,,,,,

    this called bhalobasa…………….

    ki kore je hoye jay,,,,,,,,jani na,,,,,,,tui janis?

    Prem manus k ondho kore dite pare er xmple tui.,,,,,,,, n prem kore success pao jai tar o xmple tui…………

    r du char piece char na,,,,,,,,, bhalo laglo………………

    1. Abhinaba Basu says:

      This is not a game, so there is nothing like success or failure, this is the life and things happen in everyone’s life but I feel my life is full of drama… 🙂

      1. rohit says:

        bhaut jaida funde de raha hai luv ke bare me sale,tum toh luv guru ho gaye ho 🙂

  3. Abhinaba Basu says:

    The winning post:
    It is too good…

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