Good Bye 2009

Ohh what a year it was, amazing. This year my photography improved a lot, bought a new camera, but not DSLR. Learn a lot about photography. The article I have published are totally unique and got lots of positive responses. People loved my articles on Thakurmar Jhuli, The Breeding Season and Reality Show.

Ahh did you read my last year’s article Good Bye 2008? She is not saying yes yaar, but she is a nice girl and yes she is very very very good friend of mine. So lets see what 2010 tells us. Succeed in two of three resolutions. This year I need to buy the Car.

Started writing new type of poems. The type is add first alphabet of every line and get her name. Moved my blog to wordpress, it is nice.

New Year Resolution:

1. Buy a Camera (DSLR – Nikon D3000).

2. Buy a car.

3. Ok this time no resolution on her, she already has told NO CHANCE, but I want to make this year happiest for her.

See last year’s resolution:


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