Why people in India hide the truth?

First let me ask you one question, did you watch 3 Idiots? I think 90% of you people have watched it. Many say that it is one the wrong education system of India. From my point of view it is not, it is on the system that is there inside your mind.

Here in India whenever you want to do something out of box, either you will be slapped by your parents, family or someone very close to you. Take the character of Madhavan, he wanted to be a photographer but because of his parents he went to engineering college. They forcefully stopped him to be a photographer. Have you watched Fashion? The same story here also, Priyanka Chopra’s parent was not willing to send her to the fashion industry. She has guts to protest so she did, many don’t have so they lie.

So, my last paragraph was all about some examples and one word out of the box thinking. Now here I want to elaborate the meaning Out Of the Box Thinking. Tell me who is the last Nobel laureate from India? Yes from India, 100% India, I am not asking about someone who got Nobel from some other country but an Indian. It is C.V. Raman, 1930, pre independence. Name few scientists, some photographers, and some Olympic medal winner, top in literature, poet, director, ad magnets, fashion designers, or some other well known people in the world working in India, for India and are Indian. You will get few; we are 100 cr people, so now calculate the percentage of people who think out of the box.

So India is shining right? We have a big boom in IT industry right? So actually what is the position of the Indian software engineers in world, let’s discuss about that. You know names of the big IT giants of India; name at least one software, designed and marketed by them, name one innovation. Name one chip designed by an Indian company, one mobile, anything innovative in this web world. Actually we are C graded slave of US, UK or Japan. The work what their people will do in 30 days, spending 30 rupee, we do that in 5 days, spending just one rupee. Things are their, innovations are their, estimations are their and we work as slave, come to office on Saturday and Sunday, work late night, and do whatever our big bosses tell us to make them happy. This is the story of service industry, even if in product companies also they don’t give important works to the Indians and we are happy with the easy works there, even most of the people don’t want to innovate something because their brains are already hibernated by the system.

Now tell me why only few people are thinking out of the box, and others are not? I think there is the mystery. Many of us think out of the box but others force them not to think out of the box. Main reason for this is their past failure or they can’t think like that. Suppose you are a middle class guy and your girlfriend wants to be a model, will you support that? How many of you? Tell me the percentage. Now if you stop her forcefully, she won’t do that, because she loves you, but will you be able to stop her love towards that? Now if she does something like posing in front of camera not professionally though, she will never tell you, because she knows you will be hurt, you will never let her do that, so she lies. Does it mean she doesn’t love you? No, it means she fears you more than she loves. Same occurs for the parents too.
Many parents don’t want their child to become model, singer, and actor because they think they will be lost. And others who have the ability to become a scientist, they become a “A” graded software engineer because of our education system, and others those want to be something other than this, become C graded software engineer in some well reputed service company of India, get married with a bubbly girl and start the same cycle for the next generation. The cycle never ends.

So what my suggestion is?
Please if you feel like a failure, don’t force others to be so.
If you feel that you are a successful person, don’t think everybody will be successful in your way. Don’t force your thinking to others, whoever they are.

If you are being forced by someone, think again and again, it’s your life, so decision should be yours. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Pinky says:

    I just loved it .NO WORDS!

  2. JB says:

    speech less…………

  3. Archan says:

    I liked it buddy..It is the fact…
    But how to get out of it..There us so much on stake

  4. Tuhin says:

    First let me ask you one question, did you watch 3 Idiots? I think 90% of you people have watched it. Many say that it is one the wrong education system of India. From my point of view it is “Naak bech me nahi aata” Proved.

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