The girl who lost her virginity before birth

God is very busy now a days, creating new humans. Nobody uses condoms in earth! God recruited few kids to help him out, making structures. Still daily one structure God creates himself. But God is not really happy with those structures, feeling old now.
It was August of 1985, God thought of making one structure by taking some time. He estimated it for 15 days. He can deliver this new product on or before 15th of August. He wanted to make a girl, step by step, not only the new born structure but the structure of the new born to the youth age. It saves time.
On the 15th day he created the girl’s structure of age 22. But after that God stopped working. He wasn’t able to believe what he created. The structure itself is so attractive, GOD felt in love with it. But he dint have the power to give her life, 22 years before of actual. But the God couldn’t able to resist himself, he kissed the doll.
The dusky doll, looks like a structure from Ajanta. God hugged her and lost himself inside her. He was so lost into it that he dint realize lord Shiva is watching him. And just before the dew dropped, he heard a shout “Stop it…”.
But God was not in a position or mood to stop that, he was surprised, shocked, feared but unable to take out. As you know lord Shiva is very angry so he again shouted, “leave the doll”. It was over by the time and God came to his normal, he leaved her.
-“God, whatever you have done is not right. Do you know that?”
– “Yes, my lord.”
– “This girl will born tomorrow, and you have to make sure that nothing happens with her idols.”
-“As you wish my lord.”
-“But I don’t believe you. I curse you, for your this kind of behavior, you will lose your position in heaven and will be get inside into the baby who born last year. You will meet this girl, when she will be of this idol’s age. You will fall in love with her, you will ask her to marry you, but she will never take you seriously. ” Shiva continues, “and today onwards I will take care about this department.”
Because of the curse, the God lost all his charisma and got a place inside the baby.
The girl born very next day, she is the first baby girl born who is not a virgin.
And what happened to that guy when he meets the girl after 22 years? Well, that is a different story.


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