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Although I am trying hard to convince myself otherwise, Mumbai Indians have been scripted to win IPL III – call it match-fixing or a team that happened to play better on that day, the winner has been chosen. Moving Semis from Bengaluru to Mumbai was just the extra nudge in that direction. Here is my reading of the script – Mumbai and Chennai will face off in finals since RCB and Deccan have already been there last year.  In the MI-RCB game, MI will all of a sudden have a great 18th over where they will score 20  runs.  It will still be portrayed as a close match.  On the other hand, Chennai will easily beat Deccan – not much theatrics there.
Good luck RCB – win it all and please prove me wrong.


Taken from a comment, from I am not responsible for the above comment.

Anybody knows who Manku Thimma is and how does he know all these?



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  1. pinky says:

    fundooos 🙂

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