The Epic Story


There were two states in ancient India, Virpur and Vijaypur. The king of Virpur Pandu was a great warrior. He had three wives Kunti, Madri and Draupadi. They had 5 children, Rama, Ravana, Dasharatha, Bhima and Arjuna.

The king of Vijaypur Dhritarashtra was deaf and dumb. He had 101 children, 100 boys, Shahrukh, Salmans, Saif etc etc and a daughter Sita. All four sons of Pandu or Pandava loved Sita. So they started fighting with each other. Kunti stopped them and asked all to marry Sita. And one fine day Pandava married Sita.

The children of Dhirtarashtra or Kaurava didn’t like Pandava. They wanted Sita to marry Arjuna, the King of Lanka. And Sita also was in love with Arjuna, they were facebook friends. Sita asked Arjuna to come and take her to Lanka. Arjuna called Vijay Malya to arrange a private Jet urgently.

Arjuna came to India and challenged Pandava. Kaurava joined Arjuna. Pandava asked wrestler Khali to join them. Khali joined them and then started the 0th war of Panipath.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. shab says:

    oyee which whiskey did u have before writing this spider web epic

    1. Abhinaba Basu says:

      u should be thankful that it is only 160 words long… 😛

  2. Tejaswy says:

    You can make a movie out of this I think.

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