Good movie, Bad company

Last friday I went for a movie in PVR with my friend (obviously girl). It was Dirty Picture (picture name), a film which you need to watch with concentration (IMHO). It was a good movie as most of the critiques said already. Now come to the bad company, the bad company is not bad company most of the time as I always watch movie with her, and I never felt that, it’s all relative.

There are two types of movie audiences in India. One is Yash Chopra audience (not including Lamhe). Few recent Indian fellows who say we don’t watch Yash Chopra movie but only hollywood movies, are in the same group but they watch No Strings Attached. This kind of people go to theatre to chill, with the friends, popcorns, diet cokes, sms, and a little movie. Those kind of movies don’t expect attention, grey matters. Audience can keep their brains at home and chill out. From this onwards I will call them X.

This X people most of the time don’t have any idea who the director is. They love hero or heroine, so they watch the movie. They don’t know who Kurosawa is. If the hero doesn’t look good/hot, they don’t watch movie. They love Amitabh, but don’t watch Chupke Chpke or Saat Hindusthani, they love Shahrukh but never watched Maaya Memsaab.

The X would say we don’t watch faltu movies, most of the film you are talking about are flops, nobody seen, even heard about them.

Accepting that I put the fact on the table there are few X I know, who did watch Pyar Impossible, just because of Priyanka Chopra. So your justification “gaya tel lene”. As a matter of fact, X don’t watch movie, they club, they party.

I am, on the other hand opposite kind of viewer. I just don’t see a movie, I love to watch one. I watch all the details, story, acting, dialogue, the color effects of the film (in hindi most of the movies are having same color effects though), camera angle, everything. While watching a movie I don’t like any kind of disturbance, even at home I setup a home theatre in the 10×10 room, just to get proper sound effect.

On that night (un)luckily I got to sit in between two girls. The worst part was both were having cheap quality Nokia C3 type messaging mobile phone, and they were continuously messaging. In a dark room, both of my my eyes were suffering from the white bright light effect in 15 degree angle. In no time my head started aching.

One of the girl was with me, so I asked her to swap the seats. At least one eye will be safe. Till the end I used my hand to protect my eye (still the head was aching till next day). But the next problem was the keyboard noise (it was not sound). The typical nokia keypad noise, it is not like the BlackBerry or iPhone, it is like broken piano ping, pang, pooo, just irritating.

So the next favor I asked her to  do whatever she wants, in silent mode and I got a cold view from her, sometimes silence says everything, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!”. But she made it silent, I appreciate that. So now I was sitting with one hand up, holding it to protect my eye from the bright, white, unacceptable light.

To add cherry on the top there was a guy on our back row translating each and every hindi dialogue to english for his Tamil friend. I guess his friend came to watch the movie, because it was on Silk Smitha‘s life. And there was a cream layer too, another guy in front row was shouting for last 40 minutes in every 5 minutes interval, “Now she will commit suicide…”.

Movie ended, I left the theatre, totally pissed off, with pain in head thinking “Do I need to book a gold class next time onwards?”, there won’t be no one around us to disturb and she will be sitting next to me but in a big arm sofa, which would cover that C3 knife light.

What I said before starting this, I never felt her a bad company before. But why? I thought and realized earlier she had another mobile, just a mobile with call and messaging feature. That mobile brightness was very less and the whiteness also (;)), so I never felt that irritated and pissed.

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  1. Adhir Kirtikar says:

    The screen light is really intolerable. Even if the person is sitting 2-3 rows in front, the light makes movie watching experience very bad. And nowadays with big screens of smartphones it is getting worst!!!

  2. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

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