Microsoft is coming back to the track

Microsoft coming back with a big bang and have started clearing the stage as well. This time they have taken a new way, by pushing there app to other platforms. Where most of the native apps maintain almost same type of themes, Microsoft is coming with their own animation, themes and fonts. With this other platform users not only will be using the Microsoft products but also can get the a small trailer of the original Windows 7.5 mobile OS.

Today I have just searched for Microsoft Corporation and downloaded few free apps. Below I will go through each few of them and compare with the Apple’s similar apps.

Profile Page

My XBOX Live: My XBOX Live is the similar to Game Game Center for iOS devices. The XBOX Live UI in comparison with the Game Center’s boring UI, is amazing.


You need to log on to the app with your Windows Live ID. If you already have an

XBOX account, you will find all your games and achievements available (same as Game Center).

After login you will find Spotlight section. In this section Microsoft shows the latest top games videos. On click of the video you will get the game information. The video doesn’t open on youtube app or the native quicktime app. It plays on the MS app only.

Swap left, you will find the profile page. It has an avatar of yours. The avatar is customizable with of lots of options. In this page you will also find your friend lists and the incoming messages.

Swap left again to get the list of games you play, your achievements, scores etc. I don’t have any XBOX games, so couldn’t able show anything here. Now the below picture given is of Game Center. I would like you to compare both the UIs yourself.

Apple Game Center
Game Center

Microsoft OneNote: Microsoft one note is the similar app what Apple’s notes is. But again the UI and usability is far better. Below find both the app UI side by side.

iOS Notes

Microsoft One Note can add text, images, checlists, bullets. On the other hand iOS notes just provides a notepad like feature, without any RTF support.

In One Note you can also add Notebooks, collection of notes.

If you see the below portion of the left side image, it says *SYNCING. By saving you also actually automatically sync your notes with Microsoft Sky Drive, and will be updated all your devices.

Apple gives the same functionality with iCloudes but can only sync with iOS and Mac devices.

There are many points to compare, but I posted few those matter.

SkyDrive: The one more app I downloaded is SkyDrive, similar app like iCloud. I haven’t compared it with iCloud, you can download and compare it yourself. I am waiting for more apps to come on iOS devices from Microsoft.

So what I feel is that Apple is going to get a tough competition from Microsoft in next few years. Microsoft is ready but is Apple? They entered in the battle with Niels Munksgaard, a Nokia director, explained how the younger crowd are tired of their iPhones and Android devices. (Source: Pocket-lint)

What we see is that youth are pretty much fed up with iPhones. Everyone has the iPhone. Also, many are not happy with the complexity of Android and the lack of security. So we do increasingly see that the youth that wants to be on the cutting edge and try something new are turning to the Windows phone platform.

What do you feel, who will win the battle?

Do you think Apple is behaving idiotic by approving competitive product made by Microsoft?

Please share your views.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adhir Kirtikar says:

    Another app by Microsoft is Photosynth. Basically it’s an app for taking panaramic photos but with superb UI and even plots common points in overlapping images as 3D.
    For some reason, Apple is not releasing the panaramic mode in its camera app.

  2. RyanGSXR says:

    “For some reason, Apple is not releasing the panaramic mode in its camera app.”

    Because Apple likes to “hold back” features they know *%&# good and well their devices can do! As to release them in the future as “all new” features and have something to talk about at their silly conference.

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