Review: Pappu Can’t Dance Saala

Mixing of Oil and Water

It’s almost difficult to mix oily product and water together, but when they mix with the help of other ingredients, you get an aroma of purity, and a taste that no one can forget. Examples are Semai kheer (milk, ghee with the help of Semai), Khichdi (oil and water with the help of rice). Saurabh Shukla has done the same thing in his last movie Pappu Can’t Dance Saala.

This is a story of two people, who came to Mumbai from small town to live their dream. Both are middle class, have dreamy eyes, but their targets are different. Vinay Pathak (Pappu/ Vidyadhar Acharya) is happy with his middleclass ness, on the other hand Neha Dhupia (Mehak Malavde) aiming high on sky. From the first meeting their culture clash got started. But at the end off course with the help of few ingredients (Rajat Kapur and Naseeruddin Shah) they mix with each other.

The basic plot is not so new, we have seen love of two different kind of dreamers in Shree 420. But this is not 1955, this is 2011 (the film released last year so), we don’t hate capitalism here, so the story changes.

Today’s middle class don’t hate rich people just because they are rich, director doesn’t need to portray them as black money bank. Today’s generation doesn’t lie. Mehak and Vidyadhar are well aware of their cultural differences, nothing is hidden form each others. Though Mahek is a middle class, she has guts to do different, what other girls can’t do. Same way Vidyadhar can fight for his self respect, and say what he feels, doesn’t care about what others think.

But then how come they both gel (or jell you decide) together? To get the answer you need to watch the movie. In movie they quoted

Coffee is not for everyone, it’s bitter, but few people love it because it makes them happy. If there is no bitterness in coffee then there is no happiness.

Other than script one more good part of movie is the performances. Each actors played their role very perfectly and seriously. No need to tell that Vinay Pathak and Rajat Kapoor were great, it’s obvious. Naseeruddin Shah has done a excellent cameo. But the one actor you must not forget is Neha Dhupia. She has done an excellent job. She came a long way from Julie to Munni to Mahek.

Only one thing I didn’t like in the movie is a scene where clients (?) were presenting music to Rajat Kapoor using a projector. It was not a music video, they were showing full screen view of Windows Media Player. I didn’t find the necessity of projector for presenting music, with full screen Windows Media Player.

Overall it’s a movie you should watch with your friends and family.

My rating: 3.5/5 (Should watch)

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