Abar Byomkesh: A must not watch

First thing first, this is the stupidest Byomkesh movie ever pictured, don’t forget the first Byomkesh movie was directed by Ray. There was a TV series, directed by Basu Chatterjee, and the last one was by Anjun Dutta himself.

Once Satyajit Ray wrote an article on How to make Cinema in Sandesh (that comes later), but Anjan Babu didn’t follow any of those rules. From the beginning it was looking like we are watching a director’s cut. There is no screen play at all, when we say screen adaptation, we just don’t change the story to dialogues, that is the first mistake. The movie never is like a movie, it is just story reading and representation you can say.

What I look in a movie the most is cinematography, it disappointed me. The camera work is not good, even the technology seems of 90’s.

There was no screenplay, so nothing to say much, only one place the screenplay is different from the original story that’s climax. The climax is the most boring one. Byomkesh exchanged dialogues with Amaresh Raha for fifteen minutes, both holding a gun pointed to each other, total dramatic situation, never expected in a Byomkesh movie at least.

The actors did their jobs pretty well. Abir Chatterjee is better in this movie, better than his first appearance  as Byomkesh. Saswata as Ajit is good as always.

You can read the story in Byomkesh Omnibus page 247.

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