Akki does a Mithun

– What was your exception before watching this movie?

– That it would be a movie which will remind me my birth decade, the 80’s idiotic movies.

– Did it meet your expectation?

– Yeah, well, I laughed a lot, few times because of comedy, most of the time because of what I am watching.

– What do you feel about casts?

– Casts??? Akshay Kumar?

– OK,well …

– He did a Mithun. Ha ha…

– Like in Mrigaya, Tahader Katha?

– No, like Gunda, Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki…

– Ok. Ok. Carry on…

– The beginning title reminded me the Good, Bad and Ugly, although after few minutes I understood, it is just the title. Then begins the long lasting shits of dialogues. Want some example?

– No, please…

– Don’t Angry Me…

– Ok Ok, please say it!!!

– I just said.

– What?

– Don’t Angry Me…

– I am sorry, you say it bro…

– I just said it.


– Hey, idiots, DONT ANGRY ME is the dialogue…

– Sorry, that’s Mrs. Wolowitz from the next door.

– Yeah, I know her (A big sigh). What about the acting of Akshay?

– I said it, he did a Mithun, and just after interval, he did a little Jim Carry too. Btw don’t miss the “A” s.

Akshay in Rowdy Rathore

– Sonakshi?

– Sonkashi who?

– The heroine.

– Ohh I missed that, I didn’t know there was a heroine in the movie!!!

– I am quite surprise, I see her on the posters.

– Ohh, that girl, she, she is just an extra, actually there are two actors, Akshay Kumar and the villain, naam mein kya rakhha. Others are extras.

– Prabhu Deva did a good job?

– Yes he danced well in the first number.

– No, as a director?

– There was a director also?

– Now, you are kidding me? Why the hell you watched the movie?

– It was really hot outside, and Sunday, office was closed, I thought it would be better to go to a theater and sleep in AC.

– Are you mad? You spent 150 bucks just to sleep in AC?

– You know petrol price, for three hours AC, in car would cost me more than 150 and moreover if producer can spend millions on a crap, why can’t we?

– You are gone mad. What do you suggest? Should I watch the movie?

– You watch pirated movies?

– No…

– Then don’t watch it.

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