Shanghai The Movie

You loved Rowdy Rathore? Stop there, this (Shanghai) is not your type of movie.

Shanghai is a political thriller (?), which portrays the two sides of one coin. All the characters in the movie are in multiple shades, there is no hero or villain in my view, it’s just our world. Shanghai is story of a small town Bharat Nagar, is the center attraction for an upcoming development project. The development coin’s brighter side is, it produces more jobs, works, attraction, money and the dark side is poor people lose their lands, they need to go to suburbans to countrysides, from villages to colonies, from a hut to a slum.

Prosenjit in Shanghai
Prosenjit in Shanghai

A social activist Ahmedi (Prosenjit) tries to help poor people not to leave their land, not to sign any paper, protest against the so called development. The ruling party and their allies don’t take him as granted, they killed him.

The brighter side is Ahmedi is he is fearless, but at the same time he loves to be in limelight, and can go any further to be on limelight. It is difficult to decide why he works for poor people, is it for that he really loves them or he just wants to be on front page, and can go any further for that?

The accident took place just after his speech, in front of thousands people. This reminds me the story of Abhimanyu Vadh. In the movie we see the exact replica of what we generally we read in the news papers every other day.

Emraan Hashmi in Shanghai

State makes a commission to investigate the case  under surveillance of the chief minister and control of Krishnan (Abhay Deol), who always has showed his loyalty toward the CM. He started pulling all the strings, at the same time love of Mr. Ahmedi, Shalini (Kalki) tries to collect the evidences. She finds local photographer Joginder (Emraan) who has some proof which might lead to the culprits. So how the all suspense closes and leads us to the end? Well, that you need watch in the theater.

The acting: All actors did portrayed their roles properly, but I want to talk about three people, you won’t forget. Farooq Sheikh as Mr Kaul, as PA of the CM he represented the boundaries, untold truth, and the white lies.

After Baishe Shrabon, I loved Prosenjit again in this movie. He represented the aggression, fight, frustration of a social activist.

And above all Emraan Hashmi, he represented a uneducated lower class guy, who wants only money and sex. When guy achieves something how he shows off without telling anyone, represented well in a scene when he travels with Kalki in a bike, for him who is a foreigner.

The technical jaber jaber: The different types of camera angles takes your breath away, liked use of wide angle in lots of places. The sound effects were superb, I would like to tell the accident shots, where you cane hear the bones breaking in the rear surround speakers.

For me it is a 3.5 out of 5. What is your view on this movie? Please feel free to share it here:

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  1. subhrosworld says:

    3 for the film..0.5 extra for emraan’s surprising acting 3.5 from my side also…

    1. Abhinaba Basu says:

      Please vote in the above poll box…

      1. subhrosworld says:

        there’s nothing for giving 3..

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