OMG English Vinglish

Recently two movies I watched back to back, and didn’t get bored. Two different movies, with a common root “Family”.

English Vinglish
A scene from English Vinglish

Two different families, believe in something, and the movies show their journey through it. Both directors portrayed the middle class Indian family well, a man, the boss with a wife who has to belief what the boss beliefs, two kids are polled towards either one of their parent.

We believe in what we believe (an infinite loop), we don’t let people to make us not to believe (again) what we believe.

Where OMG asks us about the root of the religious belief, by an atheist Kanji Bhai and shows us how the godfathers use God as business, at the same time a house wife in English Vinglish asks us to pay her the respects she expects. The storyline of both films are simple, and understandable (with the message). One thing I liked more about OMG is it shows a simple man Paresh Rawal as hero, although there are Akshay Kumar/Mithun but the story never looses focus from Mr. Rawal and delivers what is expected.

EV has foreign location, foreign actors, beautiful scenes but never looses its track and never made it like YRF movies or Kites. All the extras (other than Sridevi all are), performed well and the film ends without any high pitch melodrama.

No technical jabe jaber today I was busy watching movies this time.

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