Sigma 150-500 owners beaware

While roaming through from forums to forums I found a funny story of Bigma(2) holder, sharing the same w/o any edit. Enjoy… 🙂

I was traveling from Mumbai to Delhi on 01.02.09, the same day the unfortunate incident with three inebriated people threatening to hijack an indigo flight occurred. To add to my troubles, I was on the last indigo flight out of Mumbai (delayed by over 4.5 hours). Security was very tight. I checked in, had my baggage scanned and cleared security check. However, there was another cabin baggage scan as we were exiting the terminal for the shuttle to the aircraft. This gentleman at the gate scanned my bag, which had two things, my camera and this newly acquired lens. This is the conversation that followed as I remember it best:

Airline Security Chap (ASC henceforth): Sir, are you carrying a camera?
Me (Me henceforth): Yes, I am.
ASC: Alright, sir. What is this… uhhh barrel next to it?
Me: That is a lens.
ASC: A lens.. For what?!!
Me: For my camera.
ASC: You mean the camera uses a lens??!
Me: Yes, it does. (I did not know whether to laugh or be worried.)
ASC: Please show it to me.
Me: I will have to open it up. The lens goes on the camera. It is a telephoto lens. Nothing unique. (I opened it up as I was talking and he was taking it all in.)

I have my camera and my lens displayed on the counter by now.

ASC: You said the camera uses the lens! There is already a lens on it!!

I pulled the camera and lens assembly apart, his eyes widened, I fit in the new lens. By this point we have held up the queue for 12 minutes and the people are getting fidgety. You would think this would be enough proof for him. But no, he tells me to photograph him to make sure the whole thing is genuine. I muttered something under my breath about imbeciles masquerading as a component of security appratus and assuming I will be using expensive optics as explosives and clicked the shutter. Nothing happened. I tried again and must have looked panicky because this guy got a ahhh-ahhh-gotcha expression and smile on his face. Then I remembered that minimum focus distance is 2.2m. I also realised that there was no point explaining it to this primate. I turned and took the photographs of seats across the terminal and showed it to him.

ASC: Ohh, okay. But why did you not take my photograph?
Me: *Speechless*

By this time, another employee of indigo (in their proper blue uniform, probably to check the delay in loading pasengers) came running.

Employee: Sir, please go ahead.
Me: Sure. I need to pack my stuff first.
Employee: Is this yours?
Me: *sigh* Yes.
Employee: Sir, are you a professional photographer?
Me: (GOd forgive me, I lied.) Yes, I am.
Employee: Sir please go ahead. I am sorry for the inconvenience. (By this time the ASC had probably communicated his misgivings about me being an urban terrorist in disguise to this young lady).
I boarded the craft and vowed, never f***ing again.


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