Bengali slang tour

AddaWhile talking to few bong guys from different states, and some studious bongs I found out they don’t know many slang that we use in our day to day life. So here I am trying to collect some slang with their meaning.

বাল – May be the most used Bengali  slang. The meanings are different in different sentences.

Actual meaning is Pubic Hair, but people also use it as a negative representation or denial, e.g.

আমি বাল করব. means আমি করব না. or I won’t do it.

Again you can use it as a direct attack, তুমি একটা বাল literally means “you are an dumb-ass”.

People use it to greet friends too, কি বাল, কি করছ? means “Wassup dude?”.

ল্যাদ খাওয়া – People use it when they are lazy to do anything and taking rest.

Use: কি বাল কি করছিস?
আর কি করব, ল্যাদ খাচ্ছি.

মাল – Based on use some times “girl” and sometimes represent “liquor”.

Use: কি মাল মাইরি. – What a girl dude.
কতদিন মাল খাইনি. – Haven’t booze for long time.

বোকাচোদা – Dumb Fucker

বারা – Penis, also use to greet people.
e.g, কি রে বারা, কি করছিস? stands for “Wassup dude?”.

ধন – Money, but in slang it stands for penis.

খানকি – Prostitute

বিচি – testicle.

মাল ফেলা – to cum, to ejaculate.

খাড়া ধন – erected penis.

ঢপ – lie. Also use as ঢপের চপ.

পোদ/ পাছা – buttocks

পেদো গন্গারাম – Farty Ass

পেদানো – beating right and left

More to come. I haven’t added many slang words which might harass females. People from your stock you also can share slang words in the comment section which can be the incorporated here in this post, just to be sure that don’t share something which might offend girls.

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