Shudh Desi Romance (Movie – 2013 – *** / 5)


Yash Raj Film is back with their new trend movie. This is a story about our generation, that wants to do everything, enjoys every bit of life but can’t take any burden on it’s shoulder.  Many reviewers marked it as a love triangle between Raghu (Sushant Singh Rajput), Gayatri (Parineeti Chopra), and  Tara (Vaani Kapoor). But it is actually the story of our confused generation, which is speeding with out seeing the potholes.

Raghu gets a cold feet at his marriage and scoot himself. But when the bride Tara gets to know about this, calmly she asked for a “thanda” (cold drink), which shows she also was a lot confused about the marriage. Raghu fall for Gayatri and planed their wedding. This time people were alert enough to keep eyes on Raghu, but Gayatri scoot. Then what happens? Go and watch in theater.

Director Mahesh Sharma showed us the living relationship today is not bound to only upper cast or upper middle cast people, and not only in metros. Today’s generation is more open minded on their relationship, they feel jealous about their girlfriend’s past but they don’t make a scene on it. But again the film shows the less maturity level of them too.

In small towns or old parts of big cities/ metros (e.g. old Delhi or North Calcutta), people are still very much rooted and talk to each other unlike the new age


metros. When Raghu goes out for buying cigarette, old guy asks about him and he says he is staying with his sister.

Sushant and Parineeti both acted very well and justified their characters, but Vaani Kapoor didn’t perform well, she looked like more of a wax doll. Main problem was with the characterization of Taara, although she portrayed nex gen girl, but the same thing already portrayed by Parineeti in the first half of the movie. From her acting it looked like she is trying hard to be a cool girl, but actually in real life she is not, and again it looked like she is copying Parineeti frame by frame.

In both marriages the toiled shown are same, although we know both happened in different locations, little more attention was required from the Director. The camera work was so so, at least by seeing those old mahallas, I was hoping to see some long Mrinal Sen shots.


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