Winkle Twinkle review (Bengali play – 2002)


Winkle Twinkle is a famous Bengali play directed by Bratya Basu. I have watched several movies and play portraying the corruption of current political parties/ leaders but none was portrayed as a fairy tale.

Winkle Twinkle is a story of Bengali communist Rip Van Winkle, who wakes up after 11 years and see the changes in the politics and in his own part. For what they struggled and what people got. The play talks about the views of a past leader, who had a dream, and to current generation that is nothing but madness.

The dialogues are very much direct (thankfully there is no censor for theater), and talks about all the parties of past and present (2002) time. It also shows the change in human attitude towards party and politics and gives a full image why they have changed. Generation gap, communist leader who knows communism is the best is a son of a Congress leader and father of a Trinamool Congress member. Congress fought for the country but when they got the power, they utilized in wrong way, so CPI (M) born, same time when CPI (M), came to power, that led to the birth of Trinamool Congress. Only thing changed why people are joining the political party, is it still for their eager to do something for the country? You have to watch the play to get the answer.

Winkle Twinkle is also feature two great stage artist of our generation Debshankar Haldar,Rajatava Dutta together. If you don’t like plays for these two actors only you can watch it.

Our rating: 4/5

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