Naamte Naamte (Bengali – 2o13 – ***)

naamte naamte 02

The film revolves around a typical middle class family of Bengal. Ananda (Rajatava Dutta) is a very meek guy and is scared of confronting people. He is a peace-loving man and very shy in nature. He works as a clerk in a government office. His wife Seema (Rupa Ganguly) is however a spirited woman and remains tense about him and her family. They have a college-going daughter Dolon (Sanchita) and a son, Suman who studies in Class 9 and stays in the school hostel. To get rid of their daily ordeal, Ananda asks for help from a small-time goon Tota a.k.a Ganesh Halder (Saswata Chatterjee). Tota is the leader of the club in their locality. The club members call themselves as ‘saviors’ but are engaged in anti-social activities. Ananda is scared of the rowdy members of the club, so he decided to satisfy them by paying a very high amount of money for the Saraswati Puja celebration. In return, Tota promised Ananda to help him if he ever gets into trouble. But Tota gives evidence of his dishonest intentions by coming inside Ananda’s house in his absence on the pretext of asking for a glass of water. After that, Seema no longer wanted to live in the locality. Meanwhile, Dolon needed a tutor and Sudeb (Bhaswar Chattopadhyay) is the chosen for the job, who later developed intimate relationships with her and eventually went through a physical relationship caught by Seema. Enraged Ananda asks Tota to stop Sudeb to visit her daughter and in return Tota wants to meet Dolon privately in the club . Sensing something may go wrong Seema insists Ananda to take Dolon to her grandmother’s house for some day in stead of Ananda being afraid of being killed by Tota. At that night Tota attacks the family and in order to protect Ananda her wife Seema seduces Tota and Tota being invoked rapes her in the house as Ananda stayes outside and repents for the incident.

The camera work is mostly shows the old tele-film way rather than shiny movie way but that quite expect-able as the movie talks about the middle class value and conspiracy. On the acting side Saswata did a great job as usual with his continuous effort to be in any character, same with Rajatava and Rupa Ganguly. In a small roll Bhaswar justified the character but Sanchita’s characterization was ok sort, mainly because she became a sandwich in between all the good actors.

The music by Cactus fame Sidhu is just an average, Aye Ghum Jay Ghum by Rupankar is good, Hey Kallu (by Bandagereminds us the Hindi song Kallu Mama.

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