Kejriwal decided to quit #AAP to sit in opposition

New Delhi: In the latest press release after winning the Delhi battle the AAP announced that their founder Arvind Kejriwal decided to quit AAP. While the news came as shocking to other party workers, the spokesperson Mr. Yogendra Yadav looked very relaxed.

Arvind_Kejriwal_in_Bangalore[1]To answer a question Mr. Yadav said that, it is totally Kejriwal’s personal decision and no one in the party has no obligation towards it. He also quoted Kejriwal, who seems said that, “in democracy opponent is as much important as the ruler, as in current situation there can’t be any specific opposition party or leader, I decided to sit in opposition and protest each and every decision taken by the new government”. We currently don’t have any idea if this is the Kejriwal’s personal decision or he is forced to so. Our staff reporter tried contacting him but automated voice is telling that all the incoming is barred due to nonpayment for past one year.

Though we didn’t get the Kejriwal’s side of the story, the BJP candidate Kiran Bedi said it’s expected, in twitter hashtagging #BhagodaReturns. On the other hand AAP supporters looked very much confused, they don’t even know whom to support and whom they were supporting till date, the party or the man. Few supporters, who came all the way from Andhra to cheer for AAP, now decided to do a dharna, but don’t know against whom.

If sources to be believed Kejriwal already planning for a dharna starting tomorrow against Delhiites, and many followers willing to join him, but they also don’t know the reason for the dharna. Sources also told us that, there could be hand of “Babu” behind this decision. “Babu” runs a small shop named “Dharna Ghar”, which sells candle, different types of topis, marker, stones of different sizes, gulal, water balloons and many more items.

P.S: This is a sarcastic post, don’t kill me.

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