How to win a religious debate

As far as possible try to answer cryptically.

If you are speaking in English, try to mix Arabic (if Muslim) or Sanskrit (if Hindu), and create a messy language, which would be too tough to understand. That way your supporters will cheer but your opponent wont be able to understand anything.

If opponents refer some Shlokas or Aayats to support themselves, then you should shout, “It shall be read under the specific context, this verse out of context can not be understood“, and bring some context whatever you like.

If someone brings some Shlokas or Aayats, which you can’t justify, then and there you should define it fake, and is not written by so and so, but periodically it is added there by some uneducated guy.

If someone brings the context also, then you should say this verse/Shloka is only understandable in Arabic/Sanskrit, first learn then comeback.

If someone shows his/her proficiency in Arabic/Sanskrit, then you need to say this verse/Shloka is applicable for that particular time only.

Still if you don’t have any thing to say, and opponent is becoming heavier than you then you should bring,

Islam is the fastest growing religion and soon it will be proven to the whole world.


Hinduism/ Sanatana is the oldest religion.

and start copy pasting from different different blog posts and quote other religious scholars.

Start quoting sholkas/verses from Vedas/Geeta/Quoran whatever you know even though those are not related, and then change the topic slowly to your comfort zone.

You have to make sure your opponents are confused, and then ask, “Why are you clueless, you don’t have any answer?”.


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