About Abhinaba

It doesn’t take lots of guts to say negative things about others, someone said “Abhinaba has guts, he speaks whatever he wants, doesn’t bother about any one”, someone said “how can I be as much forward as you?” I say silently, it doesn’t require guts, it is a show off and it also shows how arrogant you are.
I would say those have guts who can do self-review and able to tell others. But if review contains all negative things then I say that guy does not have any self believe. I was thinking about it today morning and came to a conclusion that I should start self-review first, then only I can say that I have guts.
myselfAbhinaba Basu, simple, friendly and cool, these are what others say about me, If I start looking into my testimonials in orkut or in linked-in, I see only good songs, those are not reviews, those are written by friends, friends can’t do good review because they like you and they are like you, that’s why they are your friends. So coming to me, what others say, I am simple, I say I am not, I am so much complex, sometimes I also not able to recognize myself. They say I am simple because I am an open book, I don’t hide anything about me from anyone, even it is negative (depends on the situation), I say. Ego, the big part of my life, I really don’t know how to overcome it and I feel bad many times because of my ego.
I am friendly, yes I am but always I have given time to some special friends of mine. If I spend 100 minutes for all the friends I spend 75 minutes for that special friend. I am helpful, yes I am but I help only some friends of mine, not all, and if she/ he is my very special friend, I never say no. Actually I have very less friends, maximum ten or fifteen.
Some say I am talented, I say I am not talented enough; I just have quick problem solving and quick learning capability. Asha, one friend of mine compared me with Einstein, which is too much.
Arrogant, if you need an example of arrogant, that’s me. I don’t know what to talk, where and with whom, and most of the girls either think me an arrogant or a monkey.
The worst thing of my life is, my writing, whatever I see, I write, I get inspired by some friends some times, most of the time special friends and write about them, but I never ever able to tell my friends that this is on her, this is about her.

OK some more things about me:

I am the best…

I can understand my competitions very well, only 10% have potential to compete with me in my field. But I always appreciate those who can compete and loose. And also I know who are better than me, I always respect and try to learn from them.

I don’t do something what already has ben done by some one else.

Some more:

I din't know that I know so much...
I din't know that I know so much...

I am a Visionary Philosopher:

Visionary Philosopher
Visionary Philosopher

And this is me overall:

It is me, It's my name
It is me, It's my name